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Q. How much do the Herbalife products cost ?

A. Much less than you might think.

In fact you can
SAVE MONEY while losing weight and gaining energy

Here's How

Our "Core Product" is the Formula 1 Shake.
This is a nutritional supplement which can be taken instead of a meal.
You feel good and it helps your fitness and weight management

Let’s suppose that the
Average Person has 3 meals a day
and that the A
verage Meal costs £3.

Now let's suppose that you are similar to this "Average Person"
and you decide to start by replacing your previous breakfast
with a Formula1 Shake.

you will improve your weight and shape,

you will feel more healthy and have more energy


you will be more wealthy!


A carton of Formula 1 contains 550g
The recommended serving is 25g
So there are
22 servings in a carton

A carton of Formula 1 is priced at £27.50
Divide the price by 22 servings
= £1.25 per serving

This means that you
SAVE approx. £1.75 on your £3 Average Cost of a Meal
So if you replace breakfast with a Formula1 Shake,
3 months - that's 90 days and 90 £1.75 savings.
you will look better and feel better and also
you will be £157.50 better off !!

This simplistic example shows that substituting Formula1 Shake for a meal
does not mean an increase in your food bill.
In the real world, of course, you will make your shakes to suit your individual taste.
You could use milk or soya milk or fruit juice. You might choose to add fruit or yoghurt.
So the actual cost of your own shake would would vary according to your preferences.
Each individual is different. And there are over a million individuals every day.

Herbalife Formula1 Shake
Better for Your Health - Better for Your Wealth

Don't Delay Do it Today!
You have everything to gain
and nothing to lose.

Home What's the cost? Risk Free Trial

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