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Welcome to my Herbalife Website

My name is Maria Rennie and, frankly,
I am surprised to be here doing this.
I have been involved in sports and physical training
most of my life and I have tried every diet
and food fad you can think of.

I've been a “roly poly” and I've been a “lean machine”.
I always knew, for sure, that you can get all the vitamins
and nutrients you need
from eating a healthy, balanced diet. I would never take pills or supplements for anything. Then one day, just to be sociable and polite,I tried something called "Herbalife Formula1 Shake" and, as they say,

"My life has been changed forever."

This stuff works, Boys and Girls.
You owe it to yourself to give it a try, at least.

Herbalife is all about being the best you can be.
We all want better health, a better shape, more energy and vitality.
We want results.

With Herbalife we get results.



0775 184 5655          maria@herbalslimlife.com

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